Photography From the Heart of Manitoba’s Interlake Region


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  • Foggy Sunrise
    Foggy Sunrise
  • Fog and Trees
    Fog and Trees
  • Pumpkin On The Step
    Pumpkin On The Step
    A shadow from the railing is cast on this bright pumpkin.
  • Silk Scarves With Dragon
    Silk Scarves With Dragon
    Hand dyed silk scarves photographed at an open air market.
  • Between Stone Fence Posts at Historic Camp Morton
    Between Stone Fence Posts at Historic Camp Morton
    From photo shoot at Camp Morton
  • Summer On The Beach
    Summer On The Beach
    Children play in the sand at Gimli Beach.
  • Peek-a-boo Weasel
    Peek-a-boo Weasel
    Least Weasel in its winter coat, peaking out from its den.
  • Boat Windows With Tires
    Boat Windows With Tires
    Tires protect the side of the boat when docked.
  • White Hen On The Roof
    White Hen On The Roof
    A hen gets her fresh air atop a shed during winter.
  • Pirate Sail Boat on Lake Winnipeg
    Pirate Sail Boat on Lake Winnipeg
    Cyan fade
  • Husky Eyes
    Husky Eyes
    From "Dogs I Have Met" series.
  • Old Shed Landscape
    Old Shed Landscape
    This old shed is gradually sinking into the field. Cyan fade and filter.
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