Here, you will encounter a vast store of nature photography, images collected during drives and walks down back roads, nature preserves, towns, and cities–mainly in Manitoba, but also from other locations within Canada.

Many of the images are being offered as standard stock images, usable in books and magazines, advertising and websites, but the limited rights to use digital images MUST be purchased. (i.e., no copying without permission!)

Most of the images, which were shot with a Nikon D90 camera, are 300 dpi, but there are a small number of older images, taken with a previous camera, a Sony DSC-H9, which are only 72 dpi. The dpi will be adjusted to 300 prior to printing. However, the print sizes on these images are not available in larger formats.

All of the images on this site can be purchased as giclee  prints on a range of papers (premium matte, super premium semi gloss and watercolor paper), and/or canvas wraps. (See basic pricing here.) Sizes other than those listed are also available.

Prints are offered with or without mats in most cases. Stock & Studio Imagery does not do framing.

*Look for new and interesting products such as ceramic art, combined with photography, as well as photo transfer onto various objects including wood, stone, tiles, glass and jewelry.

I accept custom work and am happy to come up with a portfolio of photos for your requirements. If you looking for a photographer for a corporate event, or family function, etc. within southern Manitoba, please send an email to arrange a consultation.

Enjoy your browse through stockandstudio.com. 

There’s more in the works.

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