Handling & Displaying Photos

When you receive your print, ensure that your hands are clean prior to handling. Always handle images from the edge of the paper, taking care to not mar the surface with fingerprints, etc. It is a good idea to place it on a clean surface, free from lint, pet hair, spills, and so on. If you are not going to frame it right away, store your print back in its sleeve for protection, preferably in a location free of humidity.

When the time comes to frame and hang your art, take care to place it out of direct sunlight. A print will be best off matted and framed behind glass with a tight-fitting backing. It is preferable to choose a room or location without excess humidity.

Photos will be printed on premium quality matte photo paper, or in the case of black and white photos, either matte or super premium semi gloss HP photo paper (your choice). Both look great. The matte tends to print darker, and the semi gloss gives a beautiful creamy feel to black and white images. Printing on artist watercolour paper is also available.

Bear in mind for future purchases that ideally one would use the same paper in a photo grouping as the difference is quite noticeable.

If in the future you would like to purchase a complimentary piece, enquire about available selection. There are many more images to choose from than what is listed on-line.

Ask about custom photography.

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