Terms and Conditions

Copyrights and Use of Images

Clients are granted limited license to print and display digital images they have purchased for personal use only. Further, any images purchased as prints, regardless of subject matter, may neither be copied nor redistributed, and cannot be claimed to have been produced by persons other than the photographer herself.

Clients may not copy, download, take screen shots, nor capture the photographs in any other manner. To do so is a violation of copyright and may be subject to legal repercussions.

Photo Sessions

Clients are responsible for arriving on time to a photo session and may be subject to the usual hourly rate at the discretion of the photographer.

Processing of photo sessions takes approximately one to four weeks. Clients will not receive any unprocessed images, and image selection offered to clients will be at the photographer’s discretion.

Please note that no guarantee is made as to a minimum number of images that will result from a photo session, although every effort will be made by the photographer to provide a good range of photos, and a reasonable selection, from which the client may choose for purchase.

Upon full payment (agreed upon hourly rate for photo shoots plus per image price) clients, will receive high resolution digital images suitable for printing and may resize and/or crop images for use on social media or for private sharing. Any other alterations of images may not be made without consent. Clients may also purchase print copies on high quality photo paper, the prices of which are based on size.

Note that copyright ownership of images lies with the photographer regardless of whether a client purchases a given image. The photographer has the exclusive right to make reproductions for marketing materials, for use in portfolios, or for display on the photographer’s website. 

*Images on this website are sold for personal use only and may not be reproduced or used in any form of advertising, in print or electronic media, including the web, or altered and used as part of a work of art without prior consent by the photographer. Should such a need arise, additional rights may be purchased.